Trouble Brewing

Al's work to carve out a new course, while unrepentantly and unabashedly bearing the very name of an inherently evil man, has taken a nearly disastrous and not entirely unexpected turn. It would seem that criminal elements that have always plagued his old neighborhood are firmly aligned against him and his intention to establish a first-rate attorney's office on his beloved Girard Avenue. He had never interacted negatively with any of them -- indeed he had employed several of them for many years and leased an apartment to the family of another. But, he recently began to insist that they not congregate or sell their illegal items in front of his building.

They Firebombed Our Office (see

See That seemed to have triggered an unbalanced barrage of envy and contempt. They gleefully firebombed his office on July 4th, 2023 with an M80 (1/4 stick of TNT) explosive, causing $5,000 of damage. The building shook so suddenly, Al thought he was back in California experiencing yet another earthquake. When he informed the police at the 22nd District that he was being targeted and that this explosion was just the beginning, one Sgt. Rhoads dismissed his report as mere vandalism and mischief, then refused to allow Al to meet with higher-ranking officials there.



Al has since bypassed the 22nd District to make certain that law enforcement has knowledge of what is occurring there. Al has had to rely on frequent calls to 911 to prevent other injury to his office and to him. He has had more than one close encounter that could have spiraled out of control quickly. He undergoes a barrage of insults whenever the criminal elements feel so inclined.


Harassment 2


Harassment 3

Fighting to Win, Precariously

Al has fortified the law office with expensive security cameras, bright lights, alarms and other measures. It is at night that he believes there is danger to the building and to him, but he will not invite clients there, even during standard business hours, without full disclosure. Al is unclear whether the bad intentions of criminal elements, intermittent police responses and the fact that he sometimes appears to be more intimidating to thugs than they are to him are the ingredients that will allow his office to get past its infancy or whether this is a battle that he can never win.

Bad Guys Will Lose!

Al continues to move forward with his plans and is growing his law practice through remote client visits and remote staff. He is carefully documenting everything that happens on the 2800 block of Girard Avenue with inordinately large numbers of surveillance images from all possible angles.... In any event, it seems clear that Al cannot get to the mission he was prepared to fight until and unless he defeats the scourge of criminal elements and the pervasive indifference (or occasional pro-criminal sentiments) of much of the population there. Fully aware that there are many good people in Brewerytown worth fighting for, particularly the elders, he takes heart. They are destined to prevail, while the events that currently threaten his ability to establish a law office on Girard Avenue in Brewerytown, North Philly will become curious footnotes -- like the Prohibition Era smugglers tunnels a few blocks away.

Need a little help... (The Matrix)

Neo needed to escape the matrix because the agents were closing in on him. He called his friends and said "Help. I need a little help!" They assisted quickly, as they always did. If there are people who read the above accounts and are angry, maybe horrified by the videos and brazen disregard for law, order and human decency of the criminal elements descending upon on attempt to bring a law office to a troubled place, spread the word on social media, demand action from the authorities or help in any other way you can. Your prayers and support will be immediately felt.