These are the characters operating near 29th & Girard that law enforcement should investigate for a RICO conspiracy, especially should Al or his office meet a violent end.


The leaders and foot soldiers of the criminal syndicate on Girard Ave are well known to neighbors.  We see these people all day, everyday.  They have no visible legal employment, conduct numerous secretive transactions, sit at the bus stop, stand on the corner, buy supplies and hang out at the 24x7 convenience store and/or Sky's Place restaurant at 29th & Girard Ave. and all know each other.  

If any further violence or vandalism occurs to this law office, Al or any staff here, the authorities should begin their investigations by examining neighborhood surveillance cameras to find the whereabouts of the individuals below, then investigate each of them.  A RICO charge under PA or federal law is essential as a means of clearing the community of these individuals and the others making or organizing the constant secretive transactions or walking endlessly to make their mysterious rounds.  

We are resisting specifically naming these people as criminal suspects at this point, but we have already assembled sufficient information to allow law enforcement and the media to draw their own conclusions, track them down and fully identify them.  We are continuing to add to our catalog.

Name/Description Element #1
License Plate: Does not appear to own a car, but was driven to 29th & Girard on Aug. 22, 2023 in a tan sedan.

This is the person who placed an M80 explosive (1/4 stick of TNT) at the door of our building on July 4, 2023, watched it explode, with 3 of his associates, then ran across the street to a party of 100 or so outside and inside Sky's Place restaurant at 29th & Girard. None of these people "saw" anything or reported anything to Al when he immediately ran out of the building to investigate. This explosion caused thousands of dollars of damage and caused Al to spend his limited resources that were to build his law office on, instead, building security. The criminal elements on Girard then engaged in a campaign of threats and intimidation against Al and his law office. They must have a pipeline of information coming from a law enforcement contact who tells them when to lie low, switch personnel, take days off and merely watch us. On many days, when not hurling insults at Al or threatening to kill him, as many as a dozen of them will be within a few yards of Al, while he works on his building, generally making sure that they are visible to him.

This bomber, a 40+ y.o. black male, was very difficult to identify from the fuzzy surveillance camera images of July 4th. Then, Al saw him at 29th & Girard on or about Aug 19, 2023 and on Aug 22, 2023. Al recognized him as the once exceptionally polite male who Al would see on a regular basis during his walks to the Songhai City Cultural Center at 31st & Master. Al would later learn that Bomber1 was a higher-ranking boss in an illegal-drug crime ring near Master & New Kirk Streets.

During his brief visit to Girard on Aug 22, 2023, Bomber1 greeted a dozen criminal types and was treated like royalty. He appears to be at or near the top of the criminal organization plaguing the community with drugs and illegal activities.

His face has changed very little in comparison to his apparently much more sour disposition. Al never had a bad interaction with this person and cannot imagine why he, of all people, would try to damage Al's office or injure anyone who happened to be present there. It seems clear that the hatred for Al and his new office is all-consuming and that Al is surrounded by enemies.


Name/Description Element #2
Name: C5
License Plate: PA MBY9694
This 50+ y.o. black male sells products of unverifiable origin from the back of his grey Chevy sedan every morning, beginning at 7AM. He appears to be on a lookout shift for the criminal organization and is seen participating in the other types of transactions that are ubiquitous on Girard -- exchanges of tiny packages and currency through handshakes.

Al learned very recently (< 2 months ago) that C5 has been -- for many years -- telling perfect strangers, but mostly the employees and tenants of Al, not to do business with Al. C5 supplements this warning by offering shocking, defamatory characterizations of Al. He has cost Al his ability to find and keep numerous workers and tenants, resulting in staggering business losses. Al has never harmed him in any manner whatsoever and has no idea if C5 acts of his own volition or is acting at the request of others.

C5 is rumored to be the primary source of character assassination material used by the newest crop of criminal elements, who have been threatening and insulting Al since July 2023.  He reportedly told them, repeatedly, that Al should be considered weak and easy to intimidate.


Name/Description Element #3
Name: Q5
License Plate: PA (black sports car)
This 25+ y.o. black male is the chief foot soldier for the management of his illicit Brewerytown enterprise. He spends as much as 20 hours per day at 29th & Girard on most days. He might be the loudest petty thug this community has ever seen. Unlike his predecessors, he draws attention to himself by yelling and laughing loudly, then inviting his ATV gang to hang out in front of our office, driving up and down Girard at 1 AM. Neighbors deem him to be the #1 most annoying, most hated petty thug on the Avenue.

He generally waits until he is surrounded by criminal elements before hurling insults and threats at Al. He has been known to call Al "faggot" as much as 25 times in 1 minute. He drives a black Mustang-like vehicle.

He once threatened to kill Al's entire family.

Al never saw this person prior to approximately 2 months ago and never did anything to him other than tell him that he could not loiter or sell drugs on or in front of Al's office. Was that, apparently, all Q5 needed to become fixated on Al and his office? Clearly not, for that would be impossibly slim provocation for the intensity of his attacks.  It is a certainty that he is merely the attack dog for the higher-ranking members of his criminal organization and has been ordered to harass and attempt to intimidate Al.


Name/Description Element #4
Name: Q6
License Plate: PA (grey pickup truck, often with orange cone in back)
This 25+ y.o. black male is a highly visible foot soldier for illicit Brewerytown trafficking. He was once inseparable from Q5, but has, more recently, taken a back seat to Q5 and spends much of his time elsewhere. He generally parks his pickup truck in front of the thug hangout restaurant at 29th & Girard, Sky's Place.

He has been known to bring a small girl with her scooter to the Girard crime scene. He once threatened to break all of Al's office windows -- well before the firebombing that did, in fact, break several of the office windows. Also before the firebombing, he did as he was clearly instructed and led a mob of 9 petty criminals to camp out in front of the office. Al confronted them, informing them that they could not loiter or sell illegal products in front of his building.

Q6 was belligerent, threatening and tough-talking, but he did lead 6 of the mob away. Only Q5 and a female (clearly not his girlfriend -- he seems unlikely to have female companionship) remained and battled Al for 2 hours before taking their porch furniture and leaving behind lots of debris.

Q6 appears to be recklessly dangerous and is probably the most likely to settle scorers with gun violence.

Ominously, he sat in his pickup truck for at least 6 hours on Sunday, August 20, 2023, directly in front of the law office, resting casually on the passenger seat -- with the passenger door wide open. Another male from the center of the block sat on Al's steps for several hours. Both are well aware that Al has asked all of their gang to refrain from being on, in front of or even near his property. They appeared to be waiting for Al to return, for reasons unknown. He did not return, however, until the next morning, partly out of a strong desire to avoid any possibility of conflict until he could further identify the people planning to move against him and posting his evidence here.


Name/Description Element #5
Name: FB1
License Plate: PA
This 45+ y.o. black male is the one of the leaders of the unsavory activities at 29th & Girard. He has been part of this organization for about 25 years. His mother and cousins were tenants of Al. Al would regularly counsel him to give up his petty criminal ways to spare his mother the heartache.

Al never had a threatening interaction with FB1 until early July, after Al asked him not to sell illegal materials and drugs in front of his office. The next day, for the first time in 25 years, FB1 stood in front of Al's van and tried to stare him down. The next day, 9 of the new criminal elements on the block, including Q5 and Q6 gathered in front of Al's office for the first time, forcing Al to confront them and make sure they knew that this area was off limits to their enterprise. Only Q5 refused to leave. Al is fairly certain that FB1 had ordered these underlings to intimidate Al by putting on this show of force.

It is as likely as not that FB1 is behind the firebombing on July 4th and the rest of the terror campaign against Al and his new office. FB1 can be seen meeting with virtually every criminal element in the area. He steps briefly out of his grey minivan to confer with them and is always the one in control. He is very slippery, however, making certain to stop by infrequently and unpredictably. Note that for several months, he held camp on the SW corner of Girard at 29th. Since Al put up cameras that directly focus on this corner, he has not been seen there.

If there is anything of consequence, like the hiring or training of a new low-level worker, it is a fair proposition that FB1 is somewhere in the decision-making hierarchy for it.